Our company was founded in 1912 in Alexandria of Egypt by Constantinos Takoronis.
The philosophy and target of the founder was to preserve and to perpetuate the customs of the Greek Asian minor community.

In 1930 the company was taken over by the founder's son,Panagiotis Takoronis until 1959 where the whole family is <<forced>> to come in Greece. New beggining in Kalithea, (Athens), but always with the same philosophy, the respect to human values.

In 1967 Ioannis Bountounis, enters the company and takes over the administration until 1978
after a decade of harmonious coexistence with
P.Takoronis. In 1985 the youngest
member of the family and great-grand-son of the founder enters the company ,
Giorgos Bountounis.

In 1994 the company rellocates it's home and gets transfered to a private owned building, right across from the original.

Very soon , in 2012, will be completed a century of continuous operation will be completed
from which we constantly derive experience and knowledge through the range of our services that
we provide. Thanks to the constant support and trust of our clients the 4th generation, carry the
ability to continue to provide services worthy of it's history.

Funerals Office
G. Boundounis &Partners
Davaki 2 Kalithea (Athens)
Iroon Square 4 Vari (Athens)
Phone Centre - 1
Fax E-mail info@funerals.gr